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Sometimes called ‘machine learning’, artificial intelligence is a hot topic these days. Ever wondered what it means, exactly? We did and we’ve found some great answers that will fascinate and inform. AI is disrupting nearly everything we interact with, including transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, education, media and customer service.

In contrast to natural intelligence displayed by humans, “AI” is often how we describe machines that mimic functions that we associate with our minds; things like ‘learning’ and ‘problem-solving’.

Join our guest speaker, Sam Witherspoon as he presents an amazing and insightful primer on Artificial Intelligence. 

Sam is the experienced CEO of IMRSV Data Labs in Ottawa. 

He’s an Engineer and a Lawyer, combining these talents to help organizations understand and implement AI solutions to solve business challenges. IMRSV has built world leading technology that enables meaningful processing and understanding of rich information streams in real time, resulting in AI solutions.

AI…Machine Learning. Bring a friend and join us to learn more at this complimentary seminar.

Date: Thursday October 24, 2019

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Head Office Ottawa, 430 Hazeldean Road, Unit 6. Kanata