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Like you...

We’re a team of pretty ordinary people. Locals serving locals. Personally, working on our own better experiences with money and professionally, elevating our craft to help others experience the same thing with their money: better.
Like you, we have families and responsibilities, hopes and dreams, concerns and worries.
Like you, when it comes to our own money, we want to find more, grow more and use it more for the things we need, the things that matter and the things to come.
Like you, we’re parents, grandparents, bosses, employees, colleagues and friends. Helping people like you, is our passion. Meet our team, find out what we’re about and experience better with your money.

Peter Fraser

Investment Advisor, Executive Director
Private Client Group
HollisWealth, a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.

Peter Fraser

Peter’s characteristics: Engaging, passionate, caring, knowledgeable.

Would you believe?
Peter went to school to be a Hotel Manager! Trained by the Four Seasons Hotel group, he can dry clean, fold napkins, handle food for masses, and polish silver with the best!

Peter’s Money Personality?
“I enjoy seeing the things that money can accomplish: helping, providing, enabling and empowering. These apply to the personal hopes and dreams that I have, but also those of others.  Money can help and hurt. It can be incredibly positive or very negative. It can build and it can destroy. I try to remember that money is just a means to an end (our ‘betters’) and to love people and use money, not find that it is the other way around”.

What’s Peter’s ‘better’?
Our first better was to help in the education of our sons. That turned out to be a bigger ‘better’ than we thought, like most goals do but we made it through. Now, my personal ‘better’ is to pay off our mortgage. Professionally, my better is to invest in a great team that will grow an enduring, great enterprise that genuinely helps people AND along the way has fun doing so.

The Team says…

“Peter loves sitting down with people and getting to know them on a deeper level. Whether it is finding out details to help you improve your management of money or swapping stories from watching the grandchildren over the weekend: he is really in his element when having meaningful conversations with clients.”

“Peter loves talking to people whether that be 3 or 300, building lasting relationships and accomplishing a better future. He is passionate about helping clients achieve the very best with money and in working with and developing the team. He is a talented and caring leader and would like to bring the ‘fun’ back into growing money for people. He also enjoys his darling little granddaughters who have completely captured his heart.”

Wade Bedard

Associate Investment Advisor
HollisWealth, a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.

Wade Bedard

Wade’s characteristics: Quiet, diligent, thoughtful, detailed.

Would you believe?
Wade almost failed grade 12 math (finishing with a 51%). You needn’t worry though, he was a straight A math student in University.

Wade’s Money Personality?
“I am a little bit of an efficiency blood hound. I try to be as efficient with money as possible. This is a little bit different from being frugal because it doesn’t mean I don’t spend money, it just means I try to only spend it on things I deem worth it.”

What’s Wade’s ‘better’?
“I like the outdoors and I really enjoy having some property to tinker around with. My family has a cottage over on the Quebec side with two acres that has been my outlet for years. My better involves something similar – a cottage or a hobby farm with some property – to live on and work. I’d also like to continue working from home a couple of days a week in some capacity. I don’t see myself ever being able to completely retire.”

The Team says…

“Wade is a talented practical money manager whose passions run deep for his family and in helping others create the best outcomes in all areas of life.  The ‘unexpected’ is what I enjoy about Wade – he’s a hockey player yet a talented chef, a rugged outdoorsman yet a caring and gentle father. Whatever he sets his hand to, he gives his very best to and doesn’t settle for second best.”

“Wade doesn’t miss much. He’s fastidious, methodical and the man to have in your corner to help you find and grow money.”

Heather Fraser

Administrative Assistant
HollisWealth, a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.

Heather Fraser

Heather’s characteristics: Friendly, kind, passionate, fun.

Would you believe?
Heather once thought she was going to be a nurse. It’s funny though, with raising 3 active sons, she kind of became one.

Heather’s Money Personality?
“I like to stay on budget and don’t enjoy getting off-track with unforeseen expenses. I enjoy planning and tracking our home expenditures to ensure that the things we’d like to accomplish and dream about get fulfilled.”

What’s Heather’s ‘better’?
“We chose to wait until our children were raised and educated to start some travelling, when the time and money would be a little easier. I enjoy working and appreciate taking time off to explore places we’ve never been together. My better involves travelling to Italy in 2019 for a milestone anniversary, and hopefully some more overseas travel after that.”

The Team says…

“Heather is the jack of all trades that keeps our operation running smoothly. She is at her best when she has a full load on her plate. Part-time helper, part-time baker, part-time designer, and a full-time position in caring. Whether it is about us and our team or about our clients, it is in her nature to care.”

“Heather brings the delight to our work, the colour to our world and the care to our clients. She puts the sweet into our work.”

Andrea Dunn

Administrative Assistant
HollisWealth, a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.

Andrea Dunn

Andrea’s characteristics: Friendly, Caring, Patient, Organized.

Would you believe?
Andrea has a diploma in Equine Studies from the University of Guelph. She has a passion for horses and the outdoors, having been raised on a farm. Andrea loves to work with her horses any chance she gets!

Andrea’s Money Personality?
“I recently got married and we purchased our first home. Therefore, our focus is paying off our mortgage, budgeting for home renovations, and saving for our future.”

What’s Andrea’s ‘better’?
“I am very family oriented and love spending time with those who are close to me. My better would be not having to worry about money, paying bills and debt, but being able to do things that are important to me and my family. My better would include enjoying more time with those I love, riding horses, being outdoors and traveling to places I’ve never been!”

The Team says…

“Andrea has been a great addition to our team. A quick learner, Andrea is not afraid to tackle new things and get results. She brings a fresh perspective to our work and increases the level of performance of those around her with her attention to detail, speed and initiative.”

“Cool, calm and collected. Andrea is the perfect person to take care of all the little details before, during and after becoming our client. “

“Andrea’s quiet confidence brings stability and assurance to making sure client matters are addressed expediently and completely.”

Jackie Bedard

Owner, JB Solutions

Jackie Bedard

HollisWealth and Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. do not provide income tax preparation services nor do they supervise or review other persons who may provide such services.

Jackie’s characteristics: Humble, passionate, caring and incredibly detail oriented.

Would you believe?
Jackie is fluently trilingual, speaking English, French and Spanish. She also knows a bit of Guatemalan sign language from her time volunteering at a school there for deaf children.

How’d Jackie get into taxes?
After graduating with honours in a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from the University of Guelph, Jackie knew she wanted a different type of career than her education opened up for her, so she took an administrative position with McLarty & Co (a local accounting firm). Her love of numbers and knack for organizing quickly drew her into personal taxes and bookkeeping.
“I love organizing and cleaning up messes. You should see my alphabetized DVD collection! Personal taxes and bookkeeping was a natural fit for me. I understood that it was also something that I could do while raising a family. Personal tax is the fun part of what I do!”

What’s Jackie’s ‘better’?
“Better for me is having a nice home to raise a family in, and making sure my son, Isaac, is happy. If I can be a great Mom, a loving wife and a kind person I will be happy. I would also love the chance to visit every NFL stadium to watch a game.”

The Team says…

“Unbeknownst to them, Jackie is the person that many employers define when they give their description of a great team member. Humble, passionate, caring and incredibly detail oriented, Jackie thrives when she is able to help others accomplish the task at hand (in this case – taxes). She enjoys what she does and it shows in the tremendous care she takes of her clients and the exceptional work that she does for them.””

Benjamin Agbogwu

Business Development Consultant
Manulife Bank


In his role with Manulife Bank, Benjamin works with PB Fraser and Company to offer our clients better banking experiences and borrowing solutions.

Along with multiple industry certifications, Ben also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of Ottawa.

He is happily married to his wife Vivian, and they are blessed with two wonderful children.

The Team says…

“We enjoy working with Ben and his team from Manulife Bank.”


I have been a client of Peter’s for more than 10 years, and have been extremely pleased with our business relationship.  He and his team exude integrity, and they model some of the best practices of first class customer service – communication, responsiveness and a sincere concern for their client’s best interests. I would recommend his firm to anyone of need of top notch financial expertise.

James E

Branch Manager

Peter Fraser managed my stepmother’s financial affairs for many years. Since my taking over Power of Attorney (POA Financial) for her, her affairs have remained under Peter’s management, so I have had an opportunity to experience the honesty, professionalism and competence Peter brings to his clients.Taking on POA  was a task with which I was totally unfamiliar and felt quite intimidated. Peter was of enormous help in guiding and advising me and I relied upon him a great deal. As a result, the results have been very favourable, I have been kept fully informed and totally trust Peter’s competence and honesty.



Wade is an advisor of the highest calibre. He takes the time to understand the unique needs and goals of his clients, allowing him to create a personalized plan. His advice was instrumental in the planning and purchase of our home, as well as getting our finances in top shape for the short- and long-term. He has a rare knack for translating complex information into clear and simple terms. He makes a priority of educating his clients so that they can make well-informed decisions. His recommendations are sound, and his kind and gentle manner is never overbearing. I trust Wade wholeheartedly and highly recommend his services to anyone, regardless of their stage in life or situation.



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