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Who is PB Fraser and Company?

At PB Fraser and Company, we work together to bring you an unparalleled experience of accomplishment, peace of mind, and confidence that when it comes to your money, you can experience much better.

When it comes to your money, ask yourself: what does better mean to me?

What's Your Better?

Experience Better with your money!
Experience Better

Are You Prepared?

In many ways things aren’t quite what they used to be.

When it comes to managing money, we don’t have to be told that things have changed, we can feel it.

Our Team

Ensure you experience better with your money

We hope your experience working with us will be anything but ordinary. That starts with really special people. We’re in the business of trust and we never forget that. It’s our privilege to be trusted with your money AND the better experiences you want from it.

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What happens when you want something different than your spouse?

What happens when you want something different than your spouse?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article focused on the significance of figuring out what it is you want in life. Doing so can be of tremendous value and importance to you, as it will solidify your end…

What do you want?

What do you want?

Every year our dealer – Hollis Wealth – puts on an event to assemble many of the top financial minds who share their forecasts, predictions, thoughts and opinions with us. This year, they hosted a speaker who veered off course…

Your Money Experience Better

Your Money Experience Better

We picked these four words because we believe they best emphasize what happens when we work together, for you. Our only focus is you and something pretty important that belongs to you: your money. We believe we can help you…

Experience Better

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