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Who is PB Fraser and Company?

At PB Fraser and Company, we work together to bring you an unparalleled experience of accomplishment, peace of mind, and confidence that when it comes to your money, you can experience much better.

When it comes to your money, ask yourself: what does better mean to me?

What's Your Better?

Experience Better with your money!
Your Money Experience better with PB Fraser
Your Money Experience better

Are You Prepared?

In many ways things aren’t quite what they used to be.

When it comes to money management, we don’t have to be told that things have changed, we can feel it.

Our Team

Ensure you experience better with your money

We hope your experience working with us will be anything but ordinary. That starts with really special people. We’re in the business of trust and we never forget that. It’s our privilege to be trusted with your money AND the better experiences you want from it.

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What to look for in a money professional

What to look for in a money professional

Many people realize they should seek assistance from a professional to advise them when it comes to money, both to make their lives easier now, and to better help them plan for the future. Many of those same people, however,…

School’s expensive – ask around

School’s expensive – ask around

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about schooling and how expensive it is. We’re rounding the corner to the return of what used to be a treasured Christmas song; now a funny- but- true sentiment expressed by lots of parents…

Why it’s important to know what you want

Why it’s important to know what you want

Many people don’t know what they want. They either know what they don’t want, or they know what they have is not what they want. Few though have taken the time to really understand what they want. And fewer still…

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